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Our Mission

Here at East Logan Water District, we take pride in being your local water company. We are committed to conserving our most precious natural resource and to continually deliver on our promise to ensure our customers have a high-quality affordable and dependable water supply. We will commit to provide reliable service to our customers as we manage our infrastructure to meet present and future needs of our customers and the community.

East Logan Water District Main Building
East Logan Water Tower

East Logan Water District went into operation in 1979 with approximately 70 miles of waterline, one 200,000 gallon tank, one booster pump station and around 500 customers.  All water was purchased from the City of Russellville.

By 1991, the East Logan Water District had grown and was maintaining approximately 200 miles of waterline ranging in size from 2″ to 8″.  An additional 220,000 gallon storage tank had been purchased and installed and a new booster pump station was added.  We served approximately 1350 customers at that time.

In 2003, the District began purchasing all water from the new Logan Todd Regional Water Commission. It boasted a state of the art facility with a membrane treatment process, and an abundant supply of water. As of 2005, the East Logan Water District had approximately 250 miles of waterline ranging in size from 3” to 8”. The District had 3 storage tanks and served approximately 2619 customers. By 2008, the District had approximately 290 miles of waterline, 3 storage tanks, a newly installed booster pump station, and was serving approximately 2846 customers.

In keeping with our main goal to service all parts north and south in East Logan County, in 2011 we added approximately 1 mile of 12” ductile iron line on the east end of our District. This line not only serves to help provide the eastern portion of the county with an abundant supply of water, it can also be used as a connection for Warren County if there is ever a need.  In addition, this line will adequately supply water for any future industry that may move into the area.  At the end of 2015, East Logan Water District relocated to its newly purchased office building at 333 S. Franklin St. in Russellville where we continue to service our customers.   We are proud of the progress we have made over the years and continue to strive to deliver clean safe drinking water to our customers.  As of 2023, we have approximately 330 miles of waterline and serve about 3,400 customers in our area.  Come grow with us!

Frequently asked questions

  • We require everyone to pay a deposit on their meter.
  • Our deposits start at $100.00 but will also require a $50.00 connection fee
  • We keep your deposit in an interest bearing account and will credit the interest your deposit earns to your water account on a yearly basis.
  • Your deposit is refundable upon disconnection of service.
  • Upon disconnection of service, your final bill will be taken from your deposit.
  • A normal ¾” meter will cost a total of $850.00. This pays for your deposit and inspection fee. This also pays for the tap to be made and meter set at your address. (As long as there is a water main that serves your area.)
  • The home owner is responsible for running his/her own line from the meter to the home, barn, etc.
  • Only one residence may be served by a meter at any given time.
  • ELWD does require that a cut off valve be installed within two (2) feet of the water meter on the customer side.
  • ELWD will start billing a minimum bill whether or not you are hooked up to your meter within one (1) month of installing meter.
  • You agree to pay either a minimum bill or your actual usage for 12 months before this service can be disconnected.
  • We do require that you have a plumbing permit or a farm exempt certificate prior to us unlocking your meter. Both of these can be obtained from the Health Department. Their number is (270) 726-8341.

Pay Online or Over the Phone

We are proud to offer the ability to pay your bill online, as well as over the phone through our automated IVR system. To pay online, simply click the Pay Online button located at the top right of the page. To pay over the phone, you can call the automated system at (877) 637-3040.